How does St. Louis SEO rebranding works?

Suppose you own aSt louis SEO that was once one of the best in the St. Louis SEO, but it's long gone and old enough to be rebuilt, or it will crash on your St. Louis SEO head! Be assertive at all and still live in it; what about the beautiful towers around? All around the building are so beautiful St. Louis SEO and beautiful that this house is no longer a luxury and no buyers at all!

Rebranding Now you have two ways:

and make it more modern, up-to-date with designs! Or if you love the old house, at least have a hand up and down to make it look beautiful.

These are precisely the conditions that a brand sometimes faces and must change because of changing conditions, or staying in the market!

This article is about Rebranding. Does that mean we have to figure out what the rebranding is? Why do companies rebrand? And how does rebranding work? In the , let's take a look at some examples of successful and unsuccessful rebranding worldwide!

Before defining rebranding, let's have a common definition of the brand - among ourselves - and then move on to rebranding.

The brand contains all the emotions, characteristics and concepts that are tied to one name.

Logo, color, slogan, sound and design are some of the most common in appearance, but not the whole brand. Any kind of customer relationship beyond the transaction, buying and selling, the sense of being conveyed, the effort to take social responsibility in a particular area and so on are considered part of the brand.

So a successful brand has a good mental image in people's minds that makes it different from competitors; now if a brand wants to improve that image, it does rebranding. So:

Rebranding means rebuilding a brand image in the customer's mind with the aim of improving or preventing it from getting worse.

So in a rebranding, we try to change the visual image (name, color, logo, design) and the messages we deliver (brand strategy, values, mission, vision, purpose, tagline) to the image created in people's minds We want to rebuild.

How businesses get to this point is explained in the next section.
Why Businesses Rebrand?
In response to the question of why brands are rebranding, we could come up with a long list of reasons, but behind all these reasons, there are two main factors:

Not as we thought it was (internal changes and poor branding in the past)
The world is changing (external changes)
Let's look at these two factors first.

سئو startups do not pay attention to branding as it should and سئو at the start. The reason is also clear, because no one wastes time designing and choosing a logo or precision in brand strategy, compared to more demanding tasks such as finding an investor and delivering a product or service to a primary customer.

Yes we know that branding is very important and everything has to go great, but that doesn't happen often.

In such a case, the business may become bigger than they expected, change its direction, the customer's mental image will be different from what they originally intended, and anything else they had not originally thought of would happen.

Usually, any business that grows from small to medium to large will have to re-brand.

Several other reasons can be listed that are somehow internal business changes. Like merging two companies, changing a product or changing a marketing and sales model.

2. Rebranding due to changing external conditions and competitors
The world around us is constantly changing and businesses that do not update themselves are doomed to failure. Here we have nothing to do with brands whose origins are authenticity and antiquity. Like the brands that insist on advertising they were founded, for example, five years ago. (For example, Rolex of 2); however, these brands will eventually have to change.

Many companies apply only partial rebranding (visual identity only) just to make them more attractive, level with competitors and to keep up with the latest trends in design and advertising.
For example, it is possible that the situation will change and the competitive advantage that the business slogan was created on is no longer a competitive advantage. Or we need to make changes and raise our level as competitors come up with something new to say.

In today's world, however strong and authoritative brands are, they are forced to peel off. Without rebranding at the right time, the brand will either weaken or ideally fit in.

Brand testing and resistance to rebranding
A good example of resistance to rebranding is the old brand of testing. The experiment is a 5-year-old home appliance manufacturing complex in Iran whose brand has not changed much over the years.

As Korean competitors entered the Iranian market, the brand became weaker and weaker, and in the recent recession, news of a possible closure of the plant was released. Although management weaknesses and economic problems have contributed to the decline in test brand sales, at least one correct rebrand over the years could have helped to keep it from being forgotten.

Compare the logo, visual identity and brand advertising of the experiment with SNOWA, which rebranded it in its ninth year.

So sometimes it is not possible to escape rebranding and it is best for brand managers to rebuild their brand at the right time - rather than losing market share.

Here's a look at the rebranding along with the reasons. In the meantime, some rebranding fails, some succeed, and some rebranding is just a propaganda hoax.

Some interesting examples of true and false rebranding
Many of the wrong rebrandings are broken just for lack of good reasons. That is, the reason for the rebranding was completely wrong and therefore the rebranding does not achieve the intended purpose.

These examples make the subject clearer.

McDonald's chain have experienced several general and partial rebrandings from year 3 to now. The reasons for MacDonald's continued rebranding over the years have been the opening of new branches in various countries, the change of strategy in the products offered, and the changing range of target customers.

During these rebrandings, McDonald's tried to expand its market and add a range of families and children to customers, but there were criticisms that, as McDonald's expanded to other countries, were largely criticized for selling unhealthy and cheap foods. they did. What did McDonald's do against these criticisms?

McDonald's was constantly changing its strategy with rebranding. Until recently, the children's playground was built in some branches and added fruit, salads, fish and smoothies to its restaurant menu.

McDonald's was not fully successful in all of these rebrandings, but by responding quickly to feedbacks it prevented the situation from getting worse.

An interesting example of a mistake at McDonald's rebranding was the introduction of a teddy bear character named Happy to attract children. McDonald's was quickly mocked by the public, and everyone said it was more scary for children than attractive. Although McDonald's removed the doll from its brand's visual penis extenders , the introduction was enough to create online subjects.

Burberry rebranding aims to refine the target market
In the 1990s, the popular British clothing manufacturer Barber's offered a range of lower-priced products that were most welcomed by a particular group of the Chav community. Chaw is a term used to refer to street youth of the poorer class of society with particular personality traits in England.

The group cut sales by wearing hats, trousers and cheap barber shirts. Because the barber market was targeted at people who bought from expensive brands and did not want to look like noisy street youth.

Barber would have to do otherwise he would lose his original customers. Eventually, barber brand executives marginalized the image by changing products, targeted advertising, and hiring new models, and then succeeded in changing the logo in year 3 to a successful rebranding.

Rebranding of the dairy brand
Chubani is an abstract yogurt factory started by Turkish-based entrepreneur Hamdi Olukaya in the US since the beginning. The company started a general rebranding in year 5, as large investments were made to increase production.

Changing packaging, new slogans, starting social responsibility projects, focusing on health and living well are parts of rebranding.

At first, yoghurt produced only one type of abstract yogurt that had a good competitive advantage in taste and quality. Competitors quickly entered the market, producing similar yogurts and even imitating wood in packaging.

What did a shepherd do to save himself St. Louis SEO?

In contrast to St. Louis SEO competitors, Chobani expanded his range of products. Add yogurt with fruit flavor and organic products to the basket. She changed her packaging from full white to colored fruit packs to appear on store shelves distinct from competing products that produced packages similar to the previous model.

At the same time as Rembrandt, Hamdi Olukaya appeared on popular television programs and surfed the news about Trump's anti-immigration policy by telling the story of how he emigrated and began his career. Everything was planned and planned so that the pasture would once again gain new life and stay on the market.

IHOP false rebranding aimed at getting attention
Many brands are rebranding just to give their ads a fresh look. There are also brands that, for naughty purposes, are only interested in raising awareness of their brand or introducing new rebranding products.

A recent example of this is the rebranding of IHOP Breakfast Restaurants. ST. Louis SEO has gone through successful rebranding several times since year 5. But in year 3, it suddenly announced that it wanted to change its brand name to IHOB. The same day the logo of his social network and website changed.

In the news of this rebranding, they said we would now focus on the hamburger and b the burger instead of p the pancake. Fans quickly

سئو began to criticize

this and urged IPAP not to do so.

سئو After a lot of buzz has been made, سئو has that the rebranding was not St. Louis SEO real and aimed at introducing its new hamburgers.

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